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SEO Audit Service

It’s frustrating to see that your website isn’t climbing positions on Google, and you can’t figure out why. This is carrying out our full SEO audit service.

SEO Audit Service

Benefits Of Hiring A Complete SEO Audit Service

Performing an SEO audit is not the same as optimizing your website. A good analysis aims to align your project with your strategy, prioritize action, and increase your website’s conversions.

Understanding Web

It serves to perfectly understand the current point where your website is.

Detect Problems

It helps to discover your page’s errors and what prevents it from ranking higher.

Generate Opportunities

It allows you to use the website’s weak points and optimize them at the SEO level to attract qualified traffic.

Avoid Penalties

Disclosing any potential unethical SEO techniques can stop search engines from penalizing your website.

Develop Strategy

It offers the possibility of designing a comprehensive action plan to optimize your website.

Prioritize Tasks

Defines the specific SEO actions that must be carried out and in what order of priority they must be implemented.

Detect Indexing Errors

For a user to reach your page, they must be able to find it in the search engine results pages. And that is only possible if Google can track it without problems.
Therefore, although it may seem obvious, all your URLs must be correctly indexed to have visibility.

Found All Your Broken Links

A 404 error can cause a user to leave your website. It’s simple. If your customers are interested in reaching a page and it does not exist, you are losing any opportunity to generate business. Therefore, detecting which links are broken and which need a redirection to another URL is essential.

SEO Audit Service

Technical SEO Audit Service: What do you get?

A technical audit service gives you a holistic view of the website and analyzes all the aspects that affect its SEO.
Knowing how to analyze and interpret this data allows you to develop an action plan, prioritizing tasks according to the impact on your positioning.

  • Solve problems that affect your positioning.
  • Discover why your website is not ranking as it should
  • Optimize your web platform for search engines.
  • Get an action plan to correct errors.
  • Improve technical implementations
  • Fix crawling and indexing issues.

Link SEO Audit Service

We will detect broken links and replace them with other valuable links. We will evaluate the structure of internal and external links on your website, ensuring that they are well organized and contribute to improving your page’s navigation and SEO positioning.

The Best SEO Audit Service

Website optimization is not the focus of an SEO audit. It is about making it sell more by understanding the business and the strategy. Only the best look at that.

  • The proof that our system works is that we are the marketing agency with the most traffic in the USA.
  • A fundamental piece in every marketing plan that makes everyone come to your page and want to stay there.
  • When you have guests at home, you tidy it up and take care of it. When you want a return on your investment worthy of appearing in the history books, we take care of it.
  • An SEO audit so that your website has more traffic than the highways of big cities and you sell like never before.

The SEO audit is not limited to the website’s technical aspects but also considers the understanding of the business and marketing strategy. This involves researching your target market, analyzing the competition, and comprehending the requirements and preferences of your potential clients.

SEO Audit Service
SEO Audit Service

We Do It Like This

  • Comprehension: We analyze the project and its digital platform in detail to know the starting point.
  • Benchmark: We benchmark competitors and analyze user searches.
  • Execution: We plan and execute the technical audit focused on on-page and off-page aspects.
  • Follow-up: After the implementations, we verify that they have been executed correctly.

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