By using strategy of SEO for moving companies will generate more leads from local customers. Some peculiarities of the sector must be taken into account, but a Moving SME can increase its turnover significantly thanks to SEO.

As a local moving company, you may find it difficult to compete on Google with larger moving companies that specialize in long-distance moves. So, how to compete with Google and win new customers? Let’s see it in this article.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization will help your business:

  • Have better positioning for keywords such as moving, moving company, moving [+ region], moving [+ location], and many more keywords.
  • Have more visits to your website.
  • Increase your conversion rates and increase your company’s income.

The 3 pillars of successful SEO for moving companies

To increase leads and sales thanks to your website, Rankify SEO Agency’s analysts rely on data, industry trends, and past experiences in managing highly effective SEO campaigns. This includes:

  1. Code and link structure: Both will be optimized to align with Google guidelines. In this way, we improve your organic presence (the position of your website in Google search results) and ensure that your website is found and indexed.
  2. Content on your website: Your website needs web page after web page of unique and excellent content to rank on the first page of Google results.
  3. Backlinks and reviews: Your website should regularly generate backlinks (links from other websites to yours) and obtain 5-star reviews in places like Google My Business and other online directories.

Ready to start generating more leads from SEO? Contact us to learn more about how our full service SEO can help you grow your moving company.

SEO for moving Companies
SEO for moving Companies

What we include in our SEO for moving Companies service?

Our SEO strategies cover many facets of Digital Marketing: we optimize the code, the structure of the website, and the content and we take care of increasing the popularity of your company to generate more backlinks and positive reviews. This translates into higher turnover.


We must analyze the strong points of your competition to get an idea of ​​the efforts we are going to have to make to overcome it.

At Rankify SEO Agency we know how to generate better positioning in Google, that is, we make your website and your Google My Business (GMB) listing occupy the first results.


Your website will not rank high on Google if it is poorly built. To rank well, your website must be built and coded to align with Google guidelines.

At Rankify SEO Agency we work to optimize the internal link structure and sitemap of your website so that all the same pages can be easily found, crawled, and displayed on Google.


There are hundreds of keywords that your customers search to find a moving company. To position yourself for each of these keywords and increase your company’s sales, you need to create high-quality content pages that are optimized to attract your target audience.

Rankify SEO Agency’s SEO writers will plan, write, and publish landing pages and blog posts to generate more traffic and lead to your website.


How can a local moving company increase its clientele within the community? Local SEO needs to be worked on. A group of experts in digital marketing will handle your local SEO if you choose to engage our services.

To improve your ranking in the Google Local Pack, this also entails creating and maintaining reviews, building links, and implementing other tactics.


Internet users are very impatient and studies show that if your website does not load in three seconds or less, you are losing visits that end up on your competitors’ websites.

At Rankify SEO Agency we work to guarantee that your website loads at lightning speed on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.


Did you know that over 90% of consumers say online reviews affect their purchasing decisions? Combine that with the fact that almost 100% of consumers read reviews of local businesses before making a purchase.

Your moving company needs to generate 5-star reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, and other online directories to position itself in the top 3 of the Local Pack.


Your SEO agency’s reports should be clear. That is why at Rankify SEO Agency we help you understand all the data we provide you. You’ll get detailed monthly reports that connect your SEO performance to the ultimate goal of getting more clients.

With our transparent and easy-to-understand reports, you’ll know exactly how many real leads your SEO campaign is generating.


We are among the top best white label SEO services agencies in all of USA.

We have a team dedicated to improving the performance of our SEO campaigns, including a person you will deal with frequently, an SEO analyst with experience managing SEO campaigns, a team of SEO writers, a programmer, and a digital designer.

All working to help you increase leads, and sales and grow your annual turnover.

SEO for moving Companies
SEO for moving Companies

Why digital marketing and local SEO for moving companies are so important?

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy for moving companies that include PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, email marketing, and social media campaigns will help you outperform your competition on Google. However, nothing is as important as local SEO.

Local SEO takes a hyper-targeted approach to obtaining more customers, making it the perfect strategy to generate better positioning and more visits to your website.

Ultimately, local SEO generates more sales, which will help grow your business.

Our SEO strategy in detail


You cannot improve what is not measured accurately. Precise monitoring of our SEO campaigns is the basis of all the services we provide at Rankify SEO Agency. We market our clients’ businesses as if they were our own.

Most SEO companies boast about rankings and traffic. Guess what? None of these metrics matter if you don’t see increases in revenue thanks to SEO.

SEO makes your website rise higher in organic search results and this improvement translates into greater revenue. To achieve this objective, you must start with an SEO audit that includes:

  • A deep understanding of the services you offer and how your business works.
  • Research and identification of keywords.
  • Analysis of the competition.
  • Current analysis and evaluation of your company’s presence on Google.

The result of our SEO audit process is an overall report and strategy that our team will present to you (allowing time for an extensive Q&A session).


The second step in the SEO process is to implement the required changes to enable an improvement in the positioning of your website, using the data obtained from the SEO audit process. For instance, well-optimized content is necessary to rank highly on Google.

Although each situation is unique, typical basic improvements include things like:

  • Review and optimize the titles and meta tags of all the pages on your website.
  • Provide a more logical web architecture.
  • Improve the loading speed of the website as it influences positioning.
  • Improve your local SEO by creating more geographically relevant content.
  • Recode your website in a content management system (CMS).
  • Ensure that your website works on mobile platforms.


Armed with the right keywords, the next step in the SEO process is to update your website content and, when necessary, create new web pages.

Contrary to popular belief, Google does not position websites; positions the PAGES of the websites. Each page of content on your website allows you to rank for a specific set of relevant keywords.

You can think of your website as if it were a fishing boat. Each page of content is like a baited rod cast into the Internet’s sea of ​​fish. The more rods you have in the water (pages on your website) the more fish you will get (visits, potential clients, and sales!).


The next step is to optimize your Google My Business listing.

The majority of people desire a moving company to operate nearby. When consumers perform geographically related searches, such as “moving companies” or “moving company in [city, region],”

Google only displays three results in that Local Pack, so you must have a flawless Google My Business listing.

Our SEO service includes working on Local SEO. We will register your company on GMB and optimize your listing.

Our Local SEO work includes

  • Where your business is located on a Google Map.
  • Management of your Google My Business listing.
  • Get and manage your reviews.
  • Segmentation by geolocated keywords.
  • Managing SEO for moving companies citations in the most significant business directories.
  • Setting up and adjusting Google Analytics for your website.
  • Monthly reports detailing your moving company’s SEO performance.
  • Updating your blog.
  • And many more actions that you can consult here.


Your website has to acquire authority within your sector. The quantity of backlinks—links pointing to your website—that are present on other websites or directories contributes to its authority. Think about backlinks on other websites (local chambers of commerce, business associations in your region…) as votes of authority or digital recommendations. More backlinks on high authority sites equal more visibility on Google. However, not all backlinks are created equal.

It is prohibited to buy links to manipulate Google’s algorithm and fail to comply with the rules can lead to the complete de-indexation of your website in the search results displayed by Google (the SERPs).

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