What can Rankify SEO Agency do for you?

The concept of SEO may seem enigmatic at first glance, but in a nutshell, it all comes down to ranking a website high in search results for desired keyword phrases that will help in sales. Rankify SEO Agency can guarantee you success and high positions.

Check out the other key advantages that result from effective website positioning as a result of cooperation with Rankify SEO Agency.

Increasing the website’s Visibility and search results

Effective SEO activities will make your website visible to your potential customers. Even if you have the best offer in the world, you can’t reach customers if you don’t have access to them. If you have a website and think your potential audience is online, you should focus on effective positioning. This way, your offer has a chance to become competitive and attract new customers.

Increase in website traffic

Increased website traffic is the result of SEO activities and increased website visibility on the Internet. Implementing an appropriate SEO strategy will ensure increased website traffic, which is most often a linear increase. Even having the best website and a rich and affordable offer is useless if you do not have any traffic and the ability to translate it into leads. 

Especially in the case of online stores, it is important to build more and more traffic on the website. Every day, competition in the e-commerce sector is increasing, which translates into a higher barrier to entry.

Increase in sales

Increased website visibility + increase in website traffic = increase in sales. It’s a simple operation. Of course, remember that website traffic and website visibility are not the only guarantees of success. The website itself and the offer are also important.

Increasingly, SEO agencies also pay attention to UX – and all trends indicate that Google will also follow this path and increasingly favor websites that enable users to achieve specific goals appropriately and intuitively. We are an agency that places particular emphasis on this aspect. An online store with high traffic and Visibility but poor UX simply loses its potential.

Synergy SEO and SEM

The desired effects of the SEO campaign will also complement the effectiveness of the SEM campaign. Having high positions in natural search results and opting for Google Ads campaigns, you have an advantage over the competition at the start, because you have greater exposure than them, i.e. two units in search results. Internet marketing usually does not start and end only with SEO – the best results are brought by combined activities from various areas of Internet technologies (of course, if they are properly matched).

Reaching new customers

In any business, the most important thing is customers – if they are missing, the business does not function. At least, that’s how it looks in a healthy economy. SEO allows you to reach new customers continuously, uninterruptedly (e.g., unlike paid campaigns – then your exposures are visible only until the budget allows for their display).

Improving key elements on the website

Effective positioning consists of several elements designed to improve the website and adapt it best to users and search engines.

Before introducing positioning activities, our Rankify SEO Agency analyzes the website’s resources, draws conclusions and usually makes several improvements (rarely is a website properly suited to both positioning and the clients’ needs).

Improvements include, among others, content on the website, the method of displaying the offer or various technical aspects of the website.

Valuable inbound links

Link building is an essential element in every properly conducted SEO campaign. A good Rankify SEO Agency will obtain links to your website ethically and effectively. What does it mean?

To reduce costs and increase margins, many companies and SEO agencies obtain links from places of dubious quality (e.g., private facilities, internet forums and others). A link in such a place has no value – except for the questionable value for the search engine.

Our company builds a link profile of its clients’ domains based on guest posts and sponsored website articles with traffic and users. Such materials and effective content marketing have many advantages, including bringing substantive value, creating a brand as an expert and increasing sales.

Increased company popularity on social media

Positioning activities can also positively impact the development of the popularity of company accounts in social media (although, of course, this is not the rule).

However, we can confidently say that increased traffic on the website implies increased interest in the company among potential customers in other channels (including, for example, social media). Traffic often disperses, and users look for more reliable information about a company on external websites.

Rankify SEO Agency ensures long-lasting results

SEO is a long-term activity that requires consistent and effective work. No SEO company can position a new website for competitive phrases in a few days.

It takes time to appear in the TOP 10 for the keywords we want. However, we are assured of lasting effects and constant customer access once we get there. A properly positioned website can stay high in Google rankings for long.

The difficulty of positioning a website can, in a sense, give you an advantage over your competition. When your company is displayed high in sea ch results for keywords important to your company – you will be sure that no competing company will be able to quickly achieve the same result. Due to your website’s authority, it will also be difficult to beat you in the Google rankings. The sooner you decide to position your website, the better.

What distinguishes Rankify SEO Agency from other SEO Agencies?

  • Transparent reports on the work carried out (e.g., monthly)
  • Individual approach to the client, efficient communication, impeccable language
  • Instead of promises of results, real delivery of them
  • No need to attract customers with catchy slogans
  • Strict specialization in the field (the company’s offer does not have everything available on the Internet)
  • Simple and uncomplicated contracts, no long notice periods, temporary contracts, contractual penalties
  • Experience (e.g., in the form of presented case studies)
  • An impeccable SEO Agency website, prepared by the current guidelines Visibility in the Google search engine
  • Emphasis on quality, not quantity

First, look for an agency that has no problem generating reports on its activities for you. Such a report should include information on new content created, optimizations made, or places where external links were obtained, along with a forecast for the future and an assessment of the current situation.

Choosing the right SEO Agency is one of the best things you can do for your business. Unfortunately, many people use dishonest or incompetent companies, but that’s not your concern.

What distinguishes a dishonest or incompetent Rankify SEO Agency?

Effective SEO is not easy. Anyone can try to position a website, especially an efficient and communicative salesperson. But how can we distinguish the better ones from the weaker ones, or even worse, the dishonest ones? Unfortunately, most often, we can do it after some time.

  • You don’t receive reports on the work carried out or know what the Rankify SEO Agency does.
  • Traffic is constantly stagnant or falling.
  • The obtained links are of questionable quality.
  • Your website is not expanded with new content and subpages.

SEO costs – how to settle accounts with the agency?

SEO agencies have different settlement models. The most popular are:

  • hybrid settlement (settlement for the effect + subscription)
  • subscription
  • settlement for the effect

In the previous decade, the most popular settlement method among SEO agencies was the result-based method. After changes to the Google algorithm, such as Panda and Penguin, appeared, many specialists changed their approach to creating content or acquiring links (or did not change it and still do it in the same way, but ineffectively).

Good SEO agencies that charge for the so-called “effect.”

Every company, in its basic assumption, should, above all, be profitable. Companies that base their business model on the so-called accountability for the effect only strive for the fastest possible result, often without regard to the consequences. Let’s face it: no one will develop your company for free for a year, investing their own money.

In the case of performance-based settlement, you must take into account the following:

  • Rankify SEO Agency will use the so-called method of black hat SEO, which will have a temporary effect on your website, and after updating the Google algorithm, your website will significantly drop in the search results and will also impose a penalty on your website;
  • Rankify SEO Agency will offer your company phrases that are very easy to position (e.g., with very low search volume) but will not bring your company any profit. And, of course, you will have to pay for the “effect.”

If you want to cooperate with a good SEO company

Unfortunately, no honest SEO company can position your website in a few months and outperform well-established competitors who have worked on their positions for years. However, you can gradually increase your organic Visibility if you find a competent SEO company. If this way of developing your company is satisfactory for you, pay special attention to several aspects – so as not to lose your budget and valuable time.

  • Pay attention to the contract terms specifying the possibility of terminating the cooperation. Avoid companies that will try to hold you back with entries in the contract.
  • Be patient. Good SEO takes time, especially with new websites.
  • Get ready for changes.
  • Be ready to invest in a decent, paid SEO audit.
  • Do not choose a company hastily; analyze the offers, prepare questions, and send them to potential SEO agencies with whom you plan to cooperate. Check how the companies you choose approach the customer. Do you wait a long time for an answer? Are the answers substantive or casual?
  • Require reports on the activities carried out and verify them.
  • Don’t save. Do not look for shortcuts – choose an agency with which you will settle in the subscription model, not for the so-called effect.

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